Chairs & Armchairs for Office and Community

Certifications ISO 9001 - 14001

In order to be able to certify and the guarantee our products’ conformity with current legislation on standards, Sesta uses official laboratories like Catas or Giordano that are external to the company and authorised to carry out checks and issue certificates.

In addition, the company, using its specialized staff and highly sophisticated equipment to carry out dynamic UNI and EN tests in order to check the quality of products in different production batches over time.

FSC Certification

Sesta co. has decided to implement an FSC Chain of Custody management system by adapting to all the values ​​expressed by FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council® manufacturing its products in an eco-compatible, ethical and attentive to social and environmental components way.

Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour participates with specific laws aimed at maintaining a high standard of health and safety for workers.

Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior, has issued, specifically using the VV.F. (Italian Firemen), a series of standards and technical rules aimed at fire prevention.

Thus products to be incorporated in or permanently assembled in buildings and other civil engineering constructions must be made with materials whose fire reaction requirements have been approved.

This is in order to be able to guarantee, in line with the different uses of each product, a high level of protection to create safe fire conditions.


UNI – Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione (Italian National Standardisation Office) UNI (Italian National Standardisation Office) is responsible for standards in all sectors – industrial, commercial and tertiary, with the exception of the electrical/electronics field.

The standards are documents defining the characteristics (in terms of size, performance, environmental effects, safety, organisation, etc.) of a given product, process or service relative to the state of the art and are the outcome of work undertaken by thousands of experts all over the word.

In the specific field of seating, both for office and for public use, there are various standards that govern the production of products depending on the type of use to which they will be put.

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