Chairs & Armchairs for Office and Community

Executive series with headrest and high backrest, while for swivel visitor’s available with high and medium backrest.
Arms and backrest form a single unit, while the seat is independent.

Synchronized SLYR mechanism equipped as standard with front sliding seat device. The A1-ADH adjustable lumbar support is an option.

A decorative insert, chromed or black, is placed on the rear of the backrest. Ada 1 is also available in a version called Plus, with enriched upholstery.


SYR conforms the EN 1335 standards C class


Ada 1
Ada 1 Plus



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ACT Design

Act Design was founded by Luigi Cappellin and Gianni Rosa in 1996.

United by their passion for creating and their enthusiasm for taking on new challenges, in 2006 Act Design began to collaborate with Sesta on the study and design of a line of products called ADA, consisting of “ADA 1” executive armchairs, “ADA 2” community tub chairs…

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