Chairs & Armchairs for Office and Community

Offshoot of the Q-GO series, integrated into the bench seat for lecture halls, training rooms etc., with fixed or tip-up top. The beam-mounted chair comes with flip-up seat and return spring. The return spring is protected by a Polypropylene underseat pan.
Available as follows:
PP, Polypropylene seat and backrest in 8 colours, plus “Green” anthracite ANG/29, already CL2 class fire-retardant; IMPP, upholstered seat and Polypropylene backrest in 8 colours plus the “Green” anthracite ANG/29, which is already CL2 class;
IM, upholstered seat and backrest;
W, beech plywood seat and backrest.
Fixed or tip-up top, available in multiple finishes.
Frame with legs with foot for fixing to floor or on tracks, beam-mounted seats.


Q44B tests EN 12727 standards
TFIS tests UNI EN 15372 3rd level standards
TRIB tests UNI EN 15372 3rd level standards


Q-44 Banco
Q-44 Banco - Piano fisso



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Studio Omega

Giovanni Baccolini (Studio Omega) has been working with Sesta since 1996.
After designing the Cherie executive collection, he developed the Ta-Cherie line for community seating.

In 1999, he designed the Carina series, which contributed to Sesta achieving international recognition for its brand by reaching an annual average production of 30,000 pieces in the community and public furnishing sector.

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