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The chairs for conference rooms and armchairs for training rooms and training events in general play a role of fundamental importance both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view.

Participants and guests at conferences or lectures need to be able to sit comfortably for hours so conference chairs require an ergonomic seating position.

Equally, conference chairs need to be attractive-looking and functional, since they play an important decorative and formal role.

UT Sesta

The type of chair intended for “training” usually comes with a writing tablet which can also be used for laptops or other electronic devices.

They can be fitted with ganging hooks to create banks of seating or positioned individually, with castors or glides for groups of chairs.

Conference chairs need to be solid, assure comfort and, of course, meet the aesthetic needs that mean they can integrate seamlessly into the room. For this very reason, they come in a range of models, frames and colours.

Some of them have a fixed frame mounted on four legs, others are beam-mounted with fold down seats, which mean they take up less space and are more practical, facilitating movement between seats and making the whole area more accessible, even during cleaning operations.

The seat materials range from Polypropylene (7 colours) to natural or bleached beech, available in the CL1 fire-retardant version or padded with the possibility of varied coverings.
Four laminate finishes are available for the writing tablet tops.

The lines, carefully studied down to the last detail with an eye to the latest design developments, give the products a neat, modern and bold look.

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