# Q-2 > W - 4-legs base
Mod. Q2-003 op. Q2-331


Design: Studio Omega

Multi function chair for conference, meeting, waiting, suggested in different versions, both in swivel and fixed versions. Based on the one shell seat made in multi-layer beechwood, the variants are: “W” one shell with natural finishing (F) or stained in bleached (FB) finishing or in wengé (WE) finishing. “WIM” one shell with rear in natural beechwood F or stained in FB or WE and fully upholsterd front panel with horizontal stitchings. “IM” fully upholstered shell with front horizontal stitchings. The frame finishing of the fixed frames, with ot without arms, is in black colour (N), or in white (BI), or chromed (CR) or in grey aluminium (VA). Swivel versions are available with chromed frame only (CR) and with polished aluminum bases (LU). 


  Q2 01 conforms the EN 16139 2nd level standards