# Sax Rete > Task with headrest
Mod. SR-046 op. 14BH

Sax Rete

Design: UT Sesta

Family of task chairs consisting of: Sax Rete with mesh backrest, Sax Air with “membrane” fitted into the backrest (mesh upright with covering) and Sax 8, with padded backrest (plastic outer shell). The three versions are distinguished by the backrest, while they all have the same seat, mechanisms (Synchro SY24 and PSY6), armrests and base. The Sax 8 backrest is height adjustable, while Sax Rete and Sax Air are height-adjustable and are also fitted with height-adjustable lumbar support. Sax Rete and Sax Air are suggested also in WHITE version (RAL 9010 white colour).

  SY24_PSY6 conforms the EN 1335 standards A class
SAX07 tests EN 16139 1st level standards


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