Chairs & Armchairs for Office and Community


Sesta has been designing and producing design chairs for office and community furnishings since 1983, following the objectiveto create series of products tested for maximum functional performance in areas of great affluence and multiple locations. For years, Sesta has been concentrating its technical and human resources on developing products and concepts linked to supplies for the community. In the new Booklet 23 catalog – which can be downloaded directly from this Newsletter – you will find the whole proposal standard for the community of Sesta from the Design catalog and the corresponding price list.

    The application of technology to the product, with priority given to the environmental issue, is one of our added values, for this Sesta has a wide range of GREEN and CAM certified products (for Italy) and FSC wooden chairs and parts. The effective ISO 9001 Quality Management and Environmental Management systems are aimed at this purpose, according to the requirements of EN ISO 14001 (with integration of the voluntary FSC certification).

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