# Cobra Air > Task
WHITE Mod. CB-W25U + op. 13BHW



Task chair series with fixed backrest (H 57 cm from seat), in two variants: “RETE” (N-type mesh backrest available in 7 colours), “AIR” (backrest fitted with membrane formed of 5-mm thick foam layer combined with N-type mesh, upholstered front and back with any of the standard coverings). Series proposed with black (N) or white (BI) corresponding to RAL 9010 frame finish. Both variants come with or without headrest (2D).  Series fitted with three mechanisms: PCS4 Permanent Contact, Synchro SLY4 with seat slider and evolved Synchro with SLYR2 seat slider. Four armrests types are available (only two White).  Backrest fitted with adjustable CB-ADH lumbar support (stroke: 6 cm). Nylon base (Ø 68 cm) in black (N), white (BI) (for the White variant), or in polished aluminium finish (LU). Black self-braking rubber castors (Ø 65 mm) for hard floors.

  SLY4 conforms the EN 1335 standards A class
PCS4 conforms the EN 1335 standards B class