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A wide range of comfortable chairs and armchairs for welcoming guests in the office and designed for safe use in environments intended for the community with a high influx of people (e.g. hospitals, clinics, etc.)

Visitor chairs for the office and the community have many technical and visual points in common, even though their intended use is different; normally a visitor’s chair is a single fixed or swivel chair, usually positioned in front of or to the side of the desk to welcome a visitor or guest.

As a rule, the visitor chair matches the executive or task chair placed behind the desk, so it need only have a padded seat or be fully padded or feature a mesh backrest, or if it is a designer model, even all plastic with or without a padded seat.

Visitor chairs are important because they must extend the right kind of welcome and hospitality to guests and visitors.

The same model chair placed in a community environment needs to respond to more intensive use and frequent cleaning and maintenance (e.g., in a hospital waiting room). In this case, it needs to have easy-to-clean and sanitise seat and backrest, like a chair with a plastic seat and backrest could deliver.

Studio Omega
Studio Omega

Visitor and community chairs also provide the possibility of being spoilt for choice so you can opt for more unusual, innovative models with an attractive look.

Many of our models come in multiple colours and materials, some of which are can also be fire-retardant.

The considerable variability of materials from fabrics, imitation leather, mesh, wood to polypropylene, allows you to determine the most suitable article for your needs and ask for any customisation you may require.

Likewise, you can opt for steel frames with fixed glides, complex and seamless constructions and models fitted with castors for easy movement of the seat, making them suited for use in various environments.

Their great versatility combined with excellent design make these products a sought-after accessory.

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