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The level of comfort that executive armchairs are able to ensure must be expressed at the highest levels, and this thanks to the care taken in the choice of padding and materials used in upholstery and also of the mechanical part that must ensure various adjustments to adapt to the needs of the user, passing from work situations to those of relax.

In addition to these special features, our executive armchairs offer excellent comfort also thanks to their impeccable ergonomics. In fact, they have been designed specifically to ensure a natural and relaxed posture even for people who have to spend long hours sitting at their workstation.

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Sesta proposes the executive armchairs of the series JADA, WIN, ADA1, ADA LX, MODE Strip and Plain and Modà Office and Style, as a combination of elegance and functionality.

The attention to detail helps to make the set of executive armchairs truly perfect for those who are demanding in terms of comfort: the armrests are adequately wide to comfortably rest the forearm, side, the high and enveloping backrest with or without headrest, the design the shape of the upholstery, the mechanism that makes it possible to adjust the seat and back in several positions.

The ADA and ADA LX series, in addition to the height and oscillation adjustment mechanism, are equipped with lumbar support adjustment, and are embellished with a decoration applied to the back of the backrest.

The charm of our executive armchairs needs very little presentation. These models have a distinctive, refined, formal style, and provide a choice from multiple proposals, ranging from more traditional models to bolder, more original models.

There is also plenty of choice for customising the coverings, from leather to fabric, and not just when it comes to the colours and patterns but including also the texture and features of the surface of the material.

In summary, executive armchairs must be considered furniture items of furniture of value and very personal, with characteristics that must express themselves at the highest levels with their own identity, therefore: functionality, comfort, quality of finishes, design and elegance.

With their eye-catching design, these items of furniture add that little extra to any environment.

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