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Create your work environment

The BLOG family was developed in response to the growing need for designers to create “Smart” office environments.

The BLOG family is part of the Design Collection catalogue and its finishes and coverings can be coordinated with these products. It has its own place in the general Sesta proposal.

The current proposal consists of 8 product lines, each complementing the other, and is constantly evolving since it monitors and adapts to the growing needs of designers.


Create the perfect workspace that best suits your work habits


The spirit of Blog is to ensure that the shape, size and functional aspects of the furniture complement any environment.

The family features stools, poufs, armchairs, benches, sofas, fixed or mobile bookcases fitted with dividing panels, filing cabinets, mobile partition for rapid configuration of environments, acoustic panels and partitions, screen to separate spaces, whiteboard on wheels or to hang on screens or mobile partitions, utility tables and occasional tables.


We imagine future workplaces as large spaces, where the warmth of wood – combined with the colour and comfortable shapes of the seating – enhances the environment and transmits positive energy, cultivating wellbeing in the working environment.

Materials, lights and colours affect our perception of space and the activities taking place there, creating atmospheres that foster teamwork and sharing ideas.


Each element is designed to be positioned places with a high footfall.

The frame is made from structural steel (Ø 35 mm) or from turned limewood combined with steel tube, and comes in a range of finishes; this construction is common to all the elements in the family.

Designer: Alessio Pozzoli

Alessio Pozzoli

Alessio Pozzoli began working with Sesta in 1999 to develop the Tommy modular sofa with a range of seating types.

In 2003, he interpreted Sesta’s need to supplement its line of seating for waiting areas with a single, colourful, standout seat, designing the Day&Night armchair which has become a key player in the Sesta catalogue thanks to its bold personality.

Sesta then put Alessio Pozzoli’s creativity to the test in 2014, when it commissioned him to design a versatile range for waiting, breakout and meeting areas.

Alessio Pozzoli came up with the brilliant Blog, calling it that to underscore its purpose of bringing people together and encouraging them to meet and chat.

The Blog series was exhibited for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2015. It has since evolved to include a one-of-a-kind comprehensive range of items and finishes.

"Blog is a collector of emotions, a space to share opinions, reflections and ideas that makes you feel right at home."

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