Chairs & Armchairs for Office and Community

Lounge chair, sofa and coffee tables for waiting areas or break areas, suggested in two versions PAUL and FRANK.

Frank features an exposed sub-frame so the padding “rests on top” (fixed in place with Velcro, fully removable), while the padding on Paul is integrated in the padded sub-frame.

Both Frank and Paul have removable zip-covers and the parts can be easily disassembled. Additionally Frank is suggested with an upholstery variant called “DUFFLE” since is enriched with transparent buttons, Montgomery style.

Metal frames finishing are: black (N), aluminium grey (VA), white (BI), melon (ME), chrome (CR).





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Favaretto & Partners

Paolo and Francesco Favaretto worked with Sesta in 2012 to design a brand new “original” as part of the Lounge chair collection for office and community.

The Paul & Frank collection presented at the Salone Ufficio 2013 furniture show is designed to spark the interest of all age brackets and tastes. More to the point, it fits in with all kinds of settings and décor.

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