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TUB and Blog CHAIR are the two Blog chairs.

TUB starts life as a pouf (T-TUB), and turns into an armchair with the factory-mounted addition of the backrest without armrests (S-TUB) or the backrest with armrests (TUB), or the backrest with armrests and extra-large laptop holder (TUB/TP).

TUB is available with castors or glides, and a handy mesh book or laptop holder can be positioned under the seat.

Blog CHAIR has an upholstered seat and backrest and comes in the four-leg fixed version, 4-star Spider base (swivel only) and the 5-star swivel version with height adjustable seat.

Product details

Blog Chair
4 Legs
4 Legs
4 Legs
Chair 5 rays



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Alessio Pozzoli

Alessio Pozzoli began working with Sesta in 1999 to develop a modular sofa with a replaceable seat.
That modular sofa, called Tommy, was then presented in 2000 at the Cologne Orgatec fair. Tommy has contributed to the success of Sesta as a Company sensitive to the furniture design needs of the office and the community.

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