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The Blog benches and sofas are distinguished by the personal, highly recognisable shapes and because they come with two versions of the construction: METAL, featuring metal construction as the name suggests, and WOOD, with a metal and solid wood construction.

A side table – proposed in different shapes and sizes – can be attached on the left or right of the bench and sofa frame.


TRIO 90 tests EN 16139 1st level standards

Product details

Metal Bench Sofa
Metal Privacy Bench
Trio 130 Metal Bench
Trio 90 Metal Bench
Straight Metal Benches
Metal Privacy Wood
Wood Bench Sofa
Trio 130 Wood Bench
Trio 90 Wood Bench
Straight Wood Benches



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Alessio Pozzoli


Alessio Pozzoli

Alessio Pozzoli began working with Sesta in 1999 to develop a modular sofa with a replaceable seat.
That modular sofa, called Tommy, was then presented in 2000 at the Cologne Orgatec fair. Tommy has contributed to the success of Sesta as a Company sensitive to the furniture design needs of the office and the community.

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